A weekly talk show about people in the Mon Valley area of Pittsburgh

A weekly public affairs show about McKeesport and the Mon Valley, produced in cooperation with WEDO (810) and WZUM (1550).

Two Rivers, 30 Minutes for 6-7-2019


Guest: Sue Kerr of the Amplify! Project.

Topic Discussed: Outreach to LGBTQ people in 26 Western Pennsylvania counties.

How Discussed: Sue is a social worker and digital media developer who grew up in West Mifflin. With the assistance of a non-profit grant, she is engaged in a three-year project to interview LGBTQ people about their experiences. Does the Mon Valley lag some other parts of Pittsburgh in coping with these issues? Why do so many LGBTQ people end up in poverty? How do young people who come out as LGBTQ deal with rejection by the families? How do experiences differ in rural areas versus big cities?

Rebroadcast of 12-16-2015 episode.



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