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Two Rivers, 30 Minutes for 1-3-2020


Topic: The 50th Anniversary of the Jock Yablonski murders

Guests: Vince Guerrieri, newspaper editor and rust belt historian; and Brad Hundt, writer for the Observer-Reporter of Washington, Pa.

How Topic Discussed: On Dec. 31, 1969, Mine Workers union leader Jock Yablonski, his wife and their daughter were murdered as they slept in their home in the small Mon Valley town of Clarksville, Pa. The killings were ordered by the then-president of the union, Tony Boyle. Why was Yablonski targeted? How was the murder solved? What was the enduring impact on the United Mine Workers union and the region?

Vince Guerrieri's story: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/fifty-years-ago-murder-jock-yablonski-changed-labor-movement-180973881/

Brad Hundt's story: https://observer-reporter.com/news/localnews/fifty-years-later-the-murder-of-the-yablonskis-still-resonates/article_8c988f54-12f3-11ea-bcaf-93029bddf31a.html



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