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Two Rivers, 30 Minutes for 12-10-2021


Topic: How "under-insurance" harms the health of America's kids

Guests: Dr. Justin Yu, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Dr. Amy Houtrow of UPMC Children's Hospital

How Topic Discussed: Yu and Houtrow are two of the authors of a new study in the journal Pediatrics that reports a rising number of children are "under-insured" when it comes to health care. Why are families who have children with special health care needs and private insurance hit particularly hard? How is the landscape for children's health insurance getting worse in some aspects? Where are families falling through the cracks in the Affordable Care Act? How can pediatric organizations and politicians make children's health insurance a priority issue? Why are government-managed health insurance programs doing a better job keeping children insured than privately run ones? When do high out-of-pocket reimbursable expenses force families to delay or forgo care for their children?



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