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Duquesne Residents Express Concerns Over Water Bills

By Cami DiBattista | Posted in: Duquesne News | December 14, 2018 | The Tube City Almanac

Duquesne residents are voicing concerns regarding the new way water bills are being issued. 

At the Nov. 27 council meeting, one resident who also owns a rental property said that as the landlord, she's receiving bills, but her tenants are not.

And while she is keeping the bills up-to-date, she said, her tenants are receiving delinquency letters. Other residents said they're receiving bill that are lower than what they know they owe.

Mayor Nickole Nesby said residents who are having problems should document and report everything.

Councilwoman Elaine Washington said the kinks are still being ironed out, and encouraged residents to report all issues and continue to hold council accountable. The water department's phone number is (412) 466-8535.

In other business:

Resident Cornell Brownfield voiced concerns about the need for street lights in some of the darkened alleyways throughout the city, which he said is a safety concern. Additionally, he also asked that new speed limit signs be posted and dash cameras be installed in police vehicles.

Nesby encouraged residents to attend council meetings, speak up and let council know about issues that need to be addressed in the city.  She advised youth and young adults to get involved and participate.

“When the local government here doesn’t have the funds to fix these issues, we will go out and look for it,” she said. “If the county doesn’t have it, we go to the state. If the state doesn’t have it, we go to the feds or work with nonprofit corporations and entities. I know we deserve better and better is coming here.”

Cami DiBattista is a freelance writer who covers municipal news from Duquesne, White Oak and other subjects for Tube City Almanac. She may be reached at

Originally published December 14, 2018.

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