Five Juveniles Charged With Break-Ins at Man's Home

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Five juveniles were arrested after McKeesport police believe they broke into a Jenny Lind Street man's home at least twice, vandalizing his bedroom and stealing items.

The teen-agers --- two 17-year-old males, a 16-year-old male, and two females, ages 13 and 16 --- were charged by police with burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief and their parents were notified.

At least three of the youths were residents of a group home on Olive Street, police said.

McKeesport police said the first incident occurred overnight on Jan. 13. Police said a 55-year-old resident of the 700 block of Jenny Lind returned home from work early Jan. 14 and found the front door of his home had been damaged.

When he entered the house from the rear, he discovered that items in his bedroom had been tossed onto the floor and that a pair of Sony headphones were missing.

As the resident took inventory, police said, a young man suddenly walked into the room, apologized, and said he had come to the house to purchase marijuana. He then left. The resident cleaned up the room and decided not to call police, according to a report.

But the resident and neighbors were awakened a few hours later by the sounds of banging on the front door, police said. Police said three young men were banging on the front door, and one of them said they had left a gun inside. Neighbors and the resident confronted them and they left.

Later that same day, police said, the resident left the home again. This time, when he returned home and tried to enter from the front door, he felt someone inside trying to hold the door closed, police said. The resident went to a neighbor's house to call police.

Police responded and spotted five teen-agers in the man's back yard. When they heard a police car approaching, the youths began running, police said.

Four of the individuals were apprehended in the neighborhood, police said, while the fifth was arrested on Fifth Avenue after being spotted at a convenience store.

Originally published February 05, 2019.

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