Reader's Viewpoint: Haler Heights Residents Need Action

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Reader Patty Wolfe writes regarding the March 7 story, "Residents Worried About Future Landslides on Haler Heights Street":

This is an outrage! The mayor said he finds a resident's comments "offensive" and also stated work began in November! I find his callous attitude offensive! 

Why didn't work begin on June 12 --- the day after half of the road slid away? 

This road houses two retired McKeesport firemen, the family of a deceased fireman, a retired McKeesport City Deputy Treasurer and a retired school bus driver (along with many others) who have lived there and paid taxes for 50-plus years!

I'm sure his nonchalant urgency would be much different if it were his street!  The city also deceived these residents in the fall when they were told work would begin within the next month. I sure hope all of these residents use the same urgency when paying their taxes!

I would also add the city has not even been able to send a large garbage truck there for almost a year, and the only thing they have done is put up orange cones. This road was in bad shape and falling long before the one lane completely dropped off of the edge on June 11, 2018.

In the photo where it shows the telephone pole away from the road, there used to be a full area for parking.  I understand they are now approving the work to begin, but I sure hope it is not too little too late!

These residents need action, not promises!

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Originally published March 12, 2019.

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