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By Jason Togyer
The Tube City Almanac
January 08, 2016
Posted in: McKeesport and Region News, Podcast

As many of you know, I do a weekly talk show --- "Two Rivers, 30 Minutes" --- that's heard on McKeesport's WEDO (810) and Braddock's WZUM (1550), as well as on our Internet radio station, www.WMCK.FM.

You can also get it as a podcast on your smartphone, computer or iPod --- or, at least you can, when I remember to upload the files. With the holidays, I did a poor job of that! Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Well, I've rectified that. There are three (count 'em! three!) new episodes of "Two Rivers" available for download from Stitcher and iTunes.

For our most recent episode, airing this weekend, I talked to Carol Frazier, news editor of the Daily News, and Terri Pollock, an ad sales rep and page designer for the paper, about the paper's closing on Dec. 31.

How did the newspaper bind together more than two dozen Mon-Yough communities? What impact will the loss of the newspaper have on the McKeesport and Steel Valley areas? What are the problems the loss of a local newspaper poses for democracy?

You can get all of the recent episodes at our Stitcher and iTunes pages, including:
Sue is a social worker and digital media developer who grew up in West Mifflin and now runs the LGBTQ blog "Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents."
With the assistance of a grant, she is engaged in a three-year project to interview LGBTQ people about their experiences. Does the Mon Valley lag some other parts of Pittsburgh in coping with these issues? Why do so many LGBTQ people end up in poverty? How do young people who come out as LGBTQ deal with rejection by the families? How do experiences differ in rural areas versus big cities?

What can citizens do to express their concerns or opinions about air pollution? How are residents networking through CMU's "Breathe Project"? What is the "Speck" sensor, and how does it help people measure the quality of the air they breathe? What are steps people can do to improve the air quality in the environments where they live?

Don't know how to listen to a podcast? Then tune in at 7:30 a.m. Sunday to WEDO (810), 8 a.m. Sunday to WZUM (1550), or at 3 p.m. Sunday to www.wmck.fm.


ADVERTISEMENT: Support for "Two Rivers, 30 Minutes" comes in part from the McKeesport Hospital Foundation. Since 1976, the foundation has addressed key concerns that affect our good health, as well as our education, social needs, recreation, and safety and security.

The foundation partners with UPMC McKeesport and other agencies to eliminate barriers to all services for all residents of the Mon Valley. Visit www.mckhospitalfoundation.com, or call (412) 664-2590.

Originally published January 08, 2016.

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