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See a Sleazy Ad Here? Please Tell Us

By Jason Togyer
The Tube City Almanac
August 08, 2017
Posted in: Announcements

Readers: Most of the ads you see on this website are served to us by Google. We don't have a lot of control, although I do block some types of advertisers from running.

This morning, I noticed a number of ads --- like this one --- that seemed a little sleazy:

I clicked on them, and sure enough, they were both scam artists. One of them was selling a diet pill that's not approved by the FDA, and the other was trying to install viruses on people's computers. I reported them to Google and tried to block the ads from appearing again on any of our websites.

If you see an ad that seems sleazy, please alert me as soon as possible at We can't catch all of them, but I do try. And thanks for reading Tube City Online.

Originally published August 08, 2017.

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