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Former Duquesne Mayor Bids Farewell, Predicts 'Things Will Be Good' for Successor

By Cami DiBattista
The Tube City Almanac
January 05, 2018
Posted in: Duquesne News

The swearing-in of new Duquesne Mayor Nickole Nesby this week marked the end of Phil Krivacek's 18 years in that office.

Krivacek previously worked for the city as a firefighter and as city clerk for 14 years. Before becoming mayor, Krivacek served as school board president for six years and as a city council member for five years.

The former mayor called himself "fortunate to work with a lot of people who have done their job well.

“I’ve been here all my life and there are a lot of good people in this town that do a lot of good things,” Krivacek said. “I’m sure Mayor Nesby and her incoming council will do great working together for Duquesne and those who live here. Things will be good.”

Krivacek's family said they remembered the day he was sworn in for his first four-year term. "He had little grandbabies there and on his last day he had little grandbabies there,” said daughter Alison Piccolino. “We’re all so lucky and very proud.” 

“My dad has devoted his life to the City of Duquesne --- never wanting more than the best for the city,” said daughter Patti Tonks. “I couldn’t be prouder of this amazing man. I know that much of his wisdom was imparted to Duquesne, and they have done well during his five decades of service.”

City employees said they would miss working with Krivacek.

“Mayor Krivacek has been professional, knowledgeable and I admire the years of service he has given the city,” said engineer Dave Gilliland. “It’s nice to work with people who are dedicated to what they do.”

“He’s been a great leader and the city should be grateful,” said the city's former business manager, Frank Piccolino, who resigned in November after working with Krivacek for 13 years. “I’ve never seen a man so dedicated to his job, who wanted what was best for its residents. We worked great together as a team.”

But Krivacek said he did not succeed in the position of mayor by himself. Many people had to work together to make the city a better and safer place to live, he said.

“Without the city’s amazing council members and all who helped me, nothing would have gotten done,” Krivacek said. “Over the years, we’ve all pulled together and made it work. What we’ve done here in Duquesne speaks for itself.”

Krivacek is not the only elected official whose time in office has ended. Councilman Tim Petrisko (above) has retired after 28 years.

City Solicitor Patricia McGrail said it had been a true honor and privilege to work with both Krivacek and Petrisko. “I wish them all the best,” she said.

“Thank you to Mayor Krivacek and Mr. Petrisko," City Controller Beth Kracinovsky said. “I’m proud to have worked with them and wish them both health and happiness.”

Cami DiBattista is a freelance writer who covers Duquesne and White Oak for Tube City Almanac.

Originally published January 05, 2018.

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