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Thank You, McKeesport and Mon-Yough Area

By Jason Togyer
The Tube City Almanac
January 22, 2018
Posted in: Commentary-Editorial

I want to thank, publicly, the following people, organizations and businesses who contributed to our year-end fund drive. If I missed anyone, I apologize. (UPDATED: I realize I'd missed any donations made online. The list is now updated.)

  • Paul E. Bekavac Funeral Home, Elizabeth
  • Tom Carter
  • E.R. Crawford Estate Trust Fund
  • Robert Dacey
  • Mary Ellen Driver
  • E.C. Finney Funeral Home, Glassport
  • I.M. Finney Funeral Home, Dravosburg
  • S.M. Finney Funeral Home, Clairton
  • Sharyn H. Fletcher
  • Jo Ann Hartos
  • Judith E. Hornfeck
  • Vicki Johnston
  • Janet Kulis
  • Doris T. Lynch
  • Joan A. Mayhue
  • Harry R. Miller
  • Ruth Ann Molloy
  • Mortuary Society Inc., Clairton
  • Rose M. Sakas
  • John Stevens
  • Young Funeral Home, Butler, Pa.

There are times, I'll admit, when running this website and McKeesport Obituaries seems like a real pain-in-the-neck --- like when I'm wrestling with an Excel spreadsheet, trying to calculate royalties for our Internet radio station, WMCK.FM, or when I'm up at 1 a.m., writing a story when I'd rather be going to bed.

But when I see all of the people who took the time to send in a donation, I am very moved and touched. You have plenty of other causes --- many more worthy than us --- to support. That you took the time means a lot.

Many of you sent very nice notes with things like, "Keep up the good work," and that will help keep me going, too.

Your kind words also are much appreciated by our very talented and hard-working freelance writers and photographers, Vickie Babyak, Cami DiBattista, Josh Rizzo, Mary Shelly and our newest contributor, Lynne Glover, who is a dear person and an old colleague from the Tribune-Review who has begun helping us out.

Your donations help to pay their expenses and compensate them for their work.

(I think we're one of the few community websites that pays its writers. I will admit, I am proud of that. Maybe I'm just a filthy capitalist, but I think people should be paid for their work.)

We are looking to keep our momentum going in 2018 and, hopefully, grow again.

In 2017 we added some coverage of Duquesne and White Oak. We would like to add another community in 2018 and increase the coverage we can provide of sports and, especially, the arts.

But we're trying to do it slowly, in a smart way. And every one of us has another job (or two). Your support and kindness is what keeps us going.

And from all of us here, as always --- thank you for reading.

Originally published January 22, 2018.

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