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County Lists Candidates for May 16 Primary

By Staff Reports
The Tube City Almanac
March 21, 2023
Posted in: Politics & Elections

The Allegheny County elections division has released the list of candidates who have filed nominating petitions to run in the May 16 primary election.

Pennsylvania is a closed-primary state, meaning that only registered voters who have chosen one of the major political parties may vote for candidates in a primary election.

Winners of each party’s primary will face off in the general election Nov. 7.

Voters in many municipalities will be choosing members of their borough councils or township commissions as well as members of their school boards, while others will be choosing mayors and magisterial district judges.

School board and judicial elections are considered non-partisan, so candidates may choose to file in both parties’ primaries, or in just one.

The last day to register to vote in the primary is May 1. To register or to verify your voter registration, visit the state’s voter services website.

Meanwhile, challenges are pending to nomination papers filed by Paul Shelly Jr. and Donald Allen III, who are both running for the Democratic nomination for McKeesport city council.

Only registered voters from the municipality where the elected office is located may sign a nominating petition; challenges filed March 14 against Allen and Shelly allege that their petitions include signatures from people who either are not registered to vote; are registered in a party other than the Democratic Party; or who are registered outside of McKeesport.

Allegheny County Judge Joseph M. James is scheduled to hold a hearing on those challenges, and others, on Wednesday afternoon, court officials said.

Following are races in communities covered by Tube City Almanac, including McKeesport, Duquesne, North Versailles Twp. and White Oak, as well as East Allegheny School District and McKeesport Area School District.

Candidates in Dravosburg, Glassport, Liberty, Port Vue and West Mifflin also are included for the convenience of readers.

A complete list of candidates who have filed nominating petitions in Allegheny County is available here.

Dravosburg Borough


Gregory Dzuro, Mound Avenue, Democratic
Matthew Mols, Ridgeview Drive, Democratic
Michael R. Palcsey, 5th Street, Democratic

City of Duquesne


Derek P. Artim, Dunblane Street, Democratic

Duquesne City School District

School Director (Democratic Party primary only)

Burton Comensky, Maryland Avenue
Sonya Gooden, Aurilles Street
Calvina Harris, Library Court
Cedric F. Robertson, Miller Avenue

East Allegheny School District

Region 1 School Director

Tisha Thomas, Derby Lane, North Versailles Twp., Democratic

Region 5 School Director

George Yusko, Jr., Herbert Street, North Versailles Twp.,  Democratic

Region 6 School Director

Daniel Ziober, East McKeesport, Democratic

Region 8 School Director

John P. Savinda, Jr., Cedarhurst Drive, North Versailles Twp., Democratic

Region 9 School Director

Merle Wayne Pusey, Greensburg Pike, North Versailles Twp., Democratic

Glassport Borough

Member of Council

Meghan DeVerse, North Monongahela Avenue, Democratic
David Kawalski, Vermont Ave., Democratic
Amy Nabors, Michigan Ave., Democratic
Angelo Norelli, Ohio Ave., Democratic
Mark Stecak, Delaware Ave., Democratic

Liberty Borough

Member of Council

Janice R. Matyasovsky, A St., Democratic
Christopher M. Ponchak, Valley St., Democratic
David Jon Newton Sowa, Valley St., Democratic
Michael John Zrenchak, B St., Democratic

City of McKeesport


Michael Cherepko, East St., Democratic
Joe Lopretto, North Grandview Ave., Democratic
Corry J. Sanders, Jenny Lind St., Democratic

Member of Council

Harold Allen, Library Ave., Democratic
Donald H. Allen III, Flagler St., Democratic
Richard Dellapenna, Wainwright Dr., Democratic
LuEthel Nesbit, Jenny Lind St., Democratic
Paul M. Shelly Jr., Myer Blvd., Democratic
Keith Soles, Duquesne Ave., Democratic
Amber Webb, Washington St., Democratic

McKeesport Area School District

School Director (cross-filed in both parties)

Matthew Mols, Ridgeview Dr., Dravosburg, Republican/Democratic
Diane Elias, Diehl Dr., McKeesport, Republican/Democratic
Thomas Filotei, O’Neil Blvd., McKeesport, Republican/Democratic
Mark Holtzman, Cleveland St., McKeesport, Republican/Democratic
Joe Lopretto, North Grandview Ave., McKeesport, Republican/Democratic
Cameron L. Preston, Craig St., McKeesport, Republican/Democratic
Tiffany Wampler, Stockholm St., McKeesport, Republican/Democratic
James Brown, Kansas Ave., White Oak, Republican/Democratic
Matthew Keller, Fawcett Ave., White Oak, Republican/Democratic
Jason Pavlecic, Vermont Ave., White Oak, Republican/Democratic
David Seropian, White Tail Ln., White Oak, Republican/Democratic

School Director (Democratic Party only)

Jeffery Anderson, Washington St., McKeesport, Democratic
Nikita Crumb, Yester Square, McKeesport, Democratic

North Versailles Twp.

Ward 1 Commissioner

George Thompson, 3rd St., Republican

Ward 3 Commissioner

Louise Beswick, Howell St., Democratic
Allen R. Wagner, Textor Dr., Democratic

Ward 5 Commissioner

Russell P. Saula Sr., Kline Ave., Democratic

Ward 7 Commissioner

Frank J. Bivins, E. Carter Dr., Democratic

Port Vue Borough

Member of Council

Brandon M. Hale, Huber St., Democratic
Kenneth J. Hresko, Barkley Rd., Democratic
Gregory M. Lombardo, Dersam St., Democratic

Tax Collector

Lori A. DiMarco, Burbank Rd., Democratic

South Allegheny School District

School Director (cross-filed in both parties)

Carol Craig, Washington Blvd., Liberty Borough, Republican/Democratic
Jason Ewing, Monroe Ave., Port Vue, Republican/Democratic
Lauren DiBeneditto Huey, Upston St., Port Vue, Republican/Democratic
Amy Moranelli-Johnson, Ohio Ave., Glassport, Republican/Democratic

West Mifflin Borough

Member of Council

Eddie Kellar, Sylvan Drive, Democratic
Robert J. Kostelnik, Carnegie St., Democratic
Michael G. Moses, Satinwood Dr., Democratic
Anthony E. Topolnak, Addison Ave., Democratic

West Mifflin Area School District

School Director (cross-filed in both parties)

Nicholas Alexandroff, Livingston Rd., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic
Steven Arbasak, Glencoe Dr., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic
Matthew J. Blazevich, Aspen St., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic
Tony DiCenzo, Campbell Cir., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic
Gina Englert, Corbin St., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic
Janelle L. Kopay, Ohio Ave., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic
Jonathan Mattis, Corbin St., West Mifflin, Republican/Democratic

School Director (Democratic Party only)

Joseph Gajdos, Timothy Dr., West Mifflin, Democratic
Jay Grossic, Greensprings Ave., West Mifflin, Democratic

White Oak Borough

Member of Council

Amanda Leckman Depaulis, Fawcett Ave., Democratic
Brian D. Dinkfelt, Fawcett Ave., Democratic
George C. Pambacas, Educational Dr., Democratic

Charles P. Davis, Carmella Dr., Republican
Dean Dittmar, Ohio Ave., Republican
Donald Hultberg, Longvue Dr., Republican

Wilmerding Borough

Member of Council

Leahmanda Barnes, Welsh Ave., Democratic
Joseph Hartzell, Caldwell Ave., Democratic

Originally published March 21, 2023.

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